Private Parties

Picnic Areas & Dock RentalsFull Day
Floating Gazebo (up to 12 people)$175
Large Floating Gazebo (up to 20 people)$225
Pergola Tower Area (up to 50 people)$250
Tent Area (up to 75 people)$440
Large Private Dock (up to 50 people)$375
Beach Area ( up to 250)$575

Private areas are available to rent for the full day only.  Private areas can be added to your group’s reservation invoice or gazebos can be rented on line. Please refer to park map for Gazebo locations Park Map  Gazebos 1 & 2 have been relocated. Gazebo on line rentals Gazebo rentals are non-refundable.

To reserve the Pergola area, Private dock or Beach area call the sales team at 866-860-0208.

Why not arrange for your party or event at Brownstone Park in Connecticut? Whether your looking for a High School day-trip, Senior class graduation party, or a totally different bachelor or bachelorette party, we can put great packages together for you.

There’s something for everyone!

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Group PackagesPrice
Birthday Bash
Includes 8 Adventure Sports Passes plus 2 free chaperones, Full day gazebo rental, (1) 2 person Kayak and personalized ice cream cake. Additional passes available for $32.40 per person.
$499.00 + tax
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Includes 12 Wakeboard Adventure Sports Passes, full day gazebo rental and personalized ice cream cake. $41.40 per person for additional passes.
$688.00 + tax


Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park