• No glass containers, grilling or alcohol will be allowed into the park. No outside music can be played.  (Radios, boom boxes or speakers)
  • Park Passes must be purchased online.  Check-In: You may show confirmation receipt on phone. Park capacity will be significantly limited and we will sell out in advance. Park passes are date specific. No refunds. You may reschedule your date 48 hrs. prior to your trip.
  • The link to an online entrance waiver link will be emailed to you upon purchase. Everyone in your group will need to have a signed waiver. Your signed waiver will attach to your reservations. All waivers must be signed to enter park. Printed waivers will not be accepted
  • Sports activities are recommend for 8+ yrs.
  • Beach wear is recommended – Family friendly bathing suits & water shoes. (We have water shoes available for purchase)
  • Please stay posted to the hours page or Facebook page for updated hours due to weather conditions.

Brownstone Park is OPEN to groups with reservations starting May 26th and to the public starting Memorial Day weekend 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends only

Frequently Asked Questions

(Scroll down for the Park Rules.)

You will receive a confirmation email with an order number. You can print that page or show the order number on your  phone upon entering the park. This pass is date specific. No refunds. You may reschedule with a 48 hr. notice. Follow the reschedule link on your receipt.

Absolutely, Follow the link on your receipt and fill out the form online. All waivers must be complete before entering the check-in line. Paper waivers will not be accepted.

There are no age or height restrictions on most activities at the park. In general we recommend 8+ yrs., if you have the strength and courage to climb up or jump off … you’re good to go. Zip lines and rock climbing do have a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. Zip lines have a minimum required weight of 50 pounds. 13 yrs. and older can come into the park without an adult.

Yes, but do not bring glass or alcohol. Pack out what you pack in and please use the garbage cans. Coolers are welcome, but subject to inspection by the park staff. You cannot bring your own grill or sterno to heat. We do offer a wide variety of food & beverage at our concession stand.

We have lockers available $7 for a small and $10 for a large per day. This is a one-time fee – per day – and you can access your items throughout the day. You can fit a normal-sized back pack into the locker. You can rent lockers at the kiosk located outside of the dressing rooms.

For your safety, life jackets or wetsuits must be worn when in the water or walking on the docks. You may bring your own and it needs to be Coast Guard approved.

No. Parking is free. The parking lots are a short walk to the front gate. There is absolutely no unloading or loading at the front gate. If using a GPS type in the address 161 Brownstone Ave Portland CT Don’t use Brownstone Park you may end up playing baseball!

The suit must provide you with flotation. In general, suits should be a minimum of 3mm thick.

Scuba divers must be certified and dive with a buddy. You will also need all your own equipment. You will purchase the adventure pass to dive.

We provide climbing gear including harnesses and helmets and life jackets. The Wakeboard pass includes the rental of a board and helmet.  If you would like to hit the rails or jumps an upgraded board is required and available to rent. Kayaks and paddleboards are not included in your entrance pass. They can be rented by the half hour or for the full day to share with your group. You can bring your own wakeboard, kayak, snorkeling or rent from us. We have a list of rental prices posted here on our website.

It is strongly suggested that you wear water shoes at all times. You will be more comfortable when walking on land. You can also wear a pair of old sneakers or flip flops.

We always keep the hours of the park up-to-date on our website.

No. Everyone entering the park must sign a liability release waiver and pay an admission fee. We do have a viewing wall – outside the gates of the park – where you can see the entire park. You can park there for 15 mins. and walk to the front gate to pick up your child. We recommend that you tell all parents when hosting a party here to use the viewing wall for parking.

Yes. All visitors to the park must purchase an entrance pass. The General Swimming Pass is perfect for this.

Yes. You may make an appointment with us for a tour. You will be required to complete a liability release waiver and wear a lifejacket on the docks.

Absolutely, check out our group rates and a listing of previous groups and reviews.

Thunder and lightening will close the park for a minimum of 30 minutes. When/if the storm passes, the park will reopen. There are no refunds, but if you have been in the park for less than one hour when the storm hits, rain checks are available.

Sure. Check out our Groups page.

We do have a full food concession on-site that features cold drinks, snacks, a grilling station with hot dogs and hamburgers, plus brick oven pizza.

We accept major credit cards including Amex, Master Card, Visa and Discover. All transactions will be done on line for passes and food in the 2020 season.

Groups are required to make reservations by contacting the sales department. For more details including team building fees – Check out our Groups page.

No outside music is allowed. The park has a sound system playing throughout the park.

Park Rules

General Rules

  • Everyone entering the park must sign the entrance waiver. The waiver link will be emailed to you. Everyone in your group must sign one and anyone under 18 must have waiver signed by parent/guardian.
  • An adult must accompany all children under 13 years of age.
  • Do Not unload or load people or belongings on the road or near the front gate. Please use the parking lots. We are on a main road and must be respectful of traffic and private property.
  • Yearly season pass or day pass are required to enter the park.
  • US Coast Guard approved life jackets or 3mm (or thicker) wetsuits must be worn at all times while on docks or in the water.
  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited. Persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be refused admittance or ejected from the park without refund.
  • We reserve the right to close any park area or restrict its use whenever the safety or health of patrons is endangered. All activities will be suspended during thunder or lightning.  No refunds will be given for any such closures.
  • Animals are not permitted in the park. Guide dogs will be admitted, but shall not enter the water and must be leashed.
  • NO Fishing, NO Spear Guns, NO Knife Use allowed.
  • Food and drinks are welcome into the park but no glassware, alcohol or grilling is allowed. We reserve the right to search any bags or parcels brought on premise.
  • By entering the park you give permission for us to photograph and/or take video footage, for any purpose without payment.
  • Lifeguards are on duty in designated swimming areas only. All participates affirm and acknowledge the inherent hazards and risks associated with water and/or climbing sports.
  • Do not speak to or distract on-duty life guards. Direct non-emergency questions to other staff.
  • Please remove all jewelry. Sun glasses will sink!
  • Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions, bad back trouble, previous injurie or cast should not do any of the sports activities or water obstacles.

Swimming Area Rules

  • US Coast Guard approved life jackets or 3mm (or thicker) wetsuits must be worn at all times.  No other flotation devices are allowed.
  • NO diving, NO flipping, NO swimming under docks or inflatable structures.
  • Shoulder diving, pyramid building, sand or rock throwing and other potentially dangerous behavior are not permitted.
  • All swimmers must clear the water, leave the beach and take shelter when lightning is visible or the thunder is reasonably close. Swimmers may reenter the water approximately 30 minutes after the storm has passed.
  • Inflatable Launcher: No more than two (2) people on Tower at a time. Area in front of ladder, slide and around the launcher must be kept clear. Weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Small Inflatable Trampoline: Ages 12 and under only. No more than six (6) kids on structure at a time. Area in front of ladder, slide must be kept clear.
  • Inflatable Iceberg: No more than two (2) climbers on iceberg at a time. No diving or flipping. Area in front of climbing wall and slide must be kept clear. Weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Large Inflatable Trampoline: No more than six (6) people on structure at a time. Area in front of ladder and around the tube must be kept clear. Weight limit of 275 lbs.
  • Prohibited at all times: Running, dunking, pushing, hanging on ropes, profanity and horseplay.

Cliff Jumping Rules

  • NO diving, NO flipping, NO running, NO pushing and NO horseplay near cliffs.
  • USCG approved life jackets or 3mm or thicker wetsuits must be worn while cliff jumping. Ensure life jacket is an appropriate size and secured tight enough.
  • Only one person in each jump box at a time. Jumpers must wait for clearance from the lifeguard before jumping.

Recommended jumping procedure

  • Step up to edge, make sure landing area is clear and wait for lifeguard clearance.
  • Put your legs together, arms down by your side, and jump away from the wall.
  • Swim straight out and away from the landing area.

Scuba Diving Rules

  • All divers must present proof of certification by a nationally recognized agency to participate in scuba; the only exceptions are those participating in diving classes under the supervision of a certified diving instructor with proof of insurance.
  • No one is permitted to scuba dive alone.
  • Minimum equipment requirements: Buoyancy compensator, pressure gauge, timing device, and depth gauge.
  • All divers are required to check in and out of the water utilizing any one the parks Divers Check In/Out Boards.
  • Spear guns or other weapons are prohibited. Dive flags should not be used anywhere in the facility except for training purposes.
  • All quarrying artifacts should not be disturbed or removed from their underwater location.
  • We ask that all personal belongings found underwater (sunglasses, jewelry, keys, etc.) be turned into lost and found and the park will try to locate the owner.
  • Last dive of the day must begin no later than two (2) hours prior to park closing, except for scheduled night dives for Season Pass holders.

Wakeboarding Rules

  • All riders entering park must sign waiver form.  Anyone under 18 must have waiver signed by parent/guardian.
  • US Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets must be worn by all riders. No other flotation devises are allowed.
  • Helmets must be worn to hit all jumps, rails and water obstacles in the water.
  • No metal fins are permitted on the jumps, rails, or water obstacles. Plastic and fiberglass fins smaller than 1.5 inches may be used.
  • No rental equipment on obstacles! You must have your own equipment and helmet for obstacles and to use ramps.
  • No holding spots in line or line cutting allowed. Violators will be ejected from the park.

Tower & Wall Rules

  • US Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets must be worn by all participants using zip lines that end in water.
  • Participation Restrictions: No one over 275 lbs. will be allowed to climb or go down the zip lines.
  • Participants must be physically fit enough to climb the tower or wall and swim the required distance upon landing.
  • Safety personnel have the right to refuse any guest from participating that they believe may put themselves and/or others at risk by participating.
  • Climbing harnesses will be provided and are required to be worn by all participants.
  • All participants will be belayed in by certified members of our staff only.
  • Helmets and proper footwear must be worn while climbing on rock wall.
  • Do not carry phones, cameras, or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others.
  • No holding spots in line or line cutting allowed. Violators will be ejected from the park.

Disciplinary Policy

  • First offense – Warning from lifeguard and/or park staff;
  • Second offense – Sitting out of area 15 minutes;
  • Third offense – Ejection from the park without refund.

Serious offenses may result in immediate and permanent ejection from park for any individual who is in violation of the rules.