• Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    You’re generally pretty calm in line...

    But are you really ready for the Brownstone Park Zip Line experience?

  • Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    No more quiet time

    We now have even more zip lines to enjoy ... or scream your way through.

  • Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    Coming in for a water landing

    Yes, you’re going to get wet on some - but not all of our zip lines.

  • Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    Walking off the edge can be ...

    ... you let us know! For some it’s totally routine, but for most it’s a leap of faith.

  • Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    Now featuring dry zip lines!

    Some of our zip lines now guarantee to keep you dry. These are great during the spring and fall - but are open in the summer too.

  • Zip Lines at Brownstone Park

    Dueling zip lines

    Sometimes, it’s all about the race. Why not take on a friend during a friendly race down 750 feet of zip line?

Activity video

Now Featuring 14 Zip Lines

We have a total of 14! During the busiest days, we'll have them all open to shorten the lines. The traditional drop zip line is set up so you can drop from 20 feet or just above the surface!

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