Team building fun at Brownstone Park!

Thought you were familiar with everything Brownstone Park has to offer? This summer a bunch of groups found out how much fun they can have adding team building exercises to their day.

This summer, Brownstone Park is highlighting both raft building and our exclusive Team Building through Adventure program.

The Raft Building Challenge is an exciting team-building activity where your group has the opportunity to enhance their communication skills. This challenge demands a team mentality. Teams must find common ground using “active listening” and other skills to provide effective feedback enabling them to build their own raft and then race it on the quarry.

Raft building focuses on real business skills by challenging traditional problem solving, encouraging cooperation and working under pressure. Teams will use an array of materials for building including; ropes, planks, oars, flotation devices and plastic barrels to build a raft and win the race! Raft building is a half-day activity and is facilitated by a Brownstone Park team member.

Contact Brownstone Park to make advanced reservations (required). The group must include at least 20 people. The current price is an additional $25 per person. (Participants must have an Adventure Sports Day Pass or Season Pass.)

Brownstone Park’s exclusive Team Building Through Adventure full-day program is a unique blend of adventure coupled with engaging skill building activities including raft building and other group exercises. Teams will be energized and challenged while participating in group activities and serious meeting content.

All programs are customized to meet your objectives and ensure the most effective training possible. Our experienced facilitators display exceptional skills for motivating teams and keeping groups focused on what they have in common and helping them to move forward with positive, realistic goals that they can all agree upon.

What did Emily say about her company’s semi-annual meeting?

Yesterday was quite a day. This week is my company’s semi annual company meeting.  There are always crazy activities and team building workshops. This year was no exception. I may even go so far to say it was the best yet.

Full-day programs include park entrance pass, lunch, handouts and workbooks. Follow up programs are available to reinforce training. Contact Brownstone Park to make advanced reservations (required). The group must include at least 25 people. The current price is an additional $69 per person.

Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park