Start Summer 2013 with Rail Jam – Opening Weekend May 25

Get ready for opening day at Brownstone Park! Again this year, we’re expanding activities at the park with plans to add at least two new zip lines and new water toys. Remember, the water temperature on the surface of the quarry warms up quickly, and even before the first day of summer the water is warm enough for swimming and all of our activities. We are open Memorial Day Weekend and every weekend through June 14.

zip-lines-school-eventsOf course, opening day will again feature the Wakeboard Rail Jam. Want to master that ever elusive Double S Bend to Blind? Or how about just learning to get upright? This is your day. (Register in advance below.)

That’s right, we’re putting teams together again this year. You and your other team members will work on your individual goals. At the end of the day, teams compete to see which team mastered the most individual goals. Remember, judges aren’t looking for the level of difficulty they’re just looking to see what team nails the most individual tricks. Bring it!

If you’re looking for a little action on land, our Rock Climbing wall is open, as well as our dry zip lines and beach volleyball court. If chilling in a chair is more your style, our beach and waterfront picnic areas are calling your name. Kick back and watch all the action.

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Registration for Rail Jam 2013 on May 25

Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park