October is Bash-the-Monster month at Brownstone Park

Bash It the entire month! Bash-the-Monster month was so popular last year, Brownstone Park is doing it again with fan favorites like the Bash-the-Monster Pumpkin Launch, day and night zip lining, and night rock climbing on weekends starting Saturday, Oct. 6.

Our natural brownstone rock climbing and zip lines will be open weekends in October from noon to 9 p.m. Guests will not get wet and can enjoy a unique opportunity to zipline at night.

Brownstone encourages all guests to celebrate the season by wearing Halloween costumes. All month features include the very popular Bash-the-Monster Pumpkin Launch where pumpkins are launched from a catapult. Each pumpkin launch costs between $3 to $5, with proceeds going to the local food bank.

The Third Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ Contest will be held Oct. 27 and there is no extra charge for this special event. Reservations are suggested to ensure enough pumpkins are available to launch and costumes are optional.

Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park