Halcyon Demo Day Aug. 21

For the third year at Brownstone Park, Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill, Conn. is sponsoring a Halcyon Demo Day Aug. 21. Of course, you’ll get to try out all the cool new dive gear, plus this year free dive control workshops are available!

You’re invited! Scuba Shack owner and instructor Ed Hayes will be offering free dive control workshops on Saturday. You’ll need to pre-register by contacting Scuba Shack to hold your slot so they can ensure class sizes are appropriate.

Update: Note this event is on Saturday only, no activities are planned for Sunday.

Ed Hayes will be offering a half-day programs in the morning starting at 8 a.m. and half-day programs starting at about 1 p.m. on Saturday. Depending on the experience level, a more advanced class will be scheduled.

There will be some lecture and land drills involved, but most of the time will be spent in the water, diving and practicing your skills.

The free workshops are specifically designed to help you control your body, equipment, buoyancy and propulsion in the water. This principles of diving workshop is an excellent free introduction to Scuba Shack’s Buoyancy & Control 101 program.

Of course, a big part of diving with friends is eating great food by the water, so Scuba Shack is sponsoring free barbecue lunch for participating divers on Saturday. Drinks and the hot dogs and hamburgers are supplied, and they strongly suggest you bring a dish to share.

Although the event at Brownstone Park is free, you will need to pay for your admission to the park which is only $26 per day or $45 for the entire weekend. If you are an Adventure Sports season pass holder, you’re all set – there will be no extra charge.

Although Halcyon dive gear will be available to try, scuba tanks will not be included. Ensure you bring or rent tanks! Due to high demand, you will not be able to use the Halcyon demo gear during the free workshops.

Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park