Guts & Glory Quarry Challenge Results and Photos

The first annual Guts & Glory Challenge benefiting Special Olympics at Brownstone Park Sept. 17 was a test of not only physical endurance, but a true test of mental endurance as well. We’ve got some great photos of the event as well as results for you.

“Oh my god, it’s a work out,” is how Amy Martin from Avon, Conn. described the 3K race that included long swims, a cargo net climb, a cliff climb, mud slide, a zip line and much more. Scroll down for some selected photos from the event, or check our our PhotoShack online with more than 160 pictures. You can buy photos as souvenirs!

Click here for the race results online.

From the East Hampton – Portland Patch website

An estimated 150 runners, many of them first responders, navigated the rugged obstacle course hauling a water-filled cylinder.

Some participants competed in teams. Others went it alone.

One obstacle that frustrated many a Challenge-taker was a greased tube crawl, uphill.

“That was horrible,” Jon Martin said.

Added his wife: “It was almost impossible … I covered my elbows and knees in dirt to get traction.”

Much groaning also could be heard where racers had to shimmy under a long chain link fence that lay horizontally just above the ground.

“That was not fun,” Spitz said with a laugh.

The course also included a tire run, a cargo net and wall climb, a mud slide and a zip line.

“It was definitely worth getting a babysitter for,” Jon Martin said


Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park