Rental Shack

If you forget something, or just decide to go snorkeling, kayaking at the last minute, No problem we have all the gear you need at our Rental Shack.

No matter what sport you want to try we have the gear for you.  Quantities are limited and rentals are on a first come first service basis.

The following is our complete rental listing, if we do not carry something that you think we should, contact us. We do not offer bike or bicycle helmet rentals for the hiking and biking. Hiking and biking area is adjacent to Brownstone Park.

Watercraft Rentals30 Minutes1 HourFull Day
1 Person Kayak$7$10$40
2 Person Kayak$9$14$55


Equipment Rental PricingDayWeekend
Snorkeling Package (mask, fins, boots, snorkel, and vest)$10$15
Scuba Tank (Filled, Air)$10N/A
Wetsuit (full or shorty)$7$10
Wakeboard Jump/rail package board & helmet (exclusive rental full day)$10n/a

wakeboarding-001  wakeboarding-003

Picnic Areas & Dock RentalsFull Day
Floating Gazebo (up to 12 people)$175
Large Floating Gazebo (up to 20 people)$225
Pergola Tower Area (up to 50 people)$250
Tent Area (up to 75 people)$440
Large Private Dock (up to 50 people)$375
Beach Area ( up to 250)$575

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Rental Shack

We have all the gear you need at our rental shack. Rent by the hour, half day or full day.

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