Flyboard at Brownstone Park

This summer, Brownstone Park brings the flyboarding adrenaline rush to Brownstone Park! What’s it like? Just imagine being able to fly around like Iron Man. The Hydrofly flyboard is a water-jet powered platform that attaches to your feet. It looks hard to master, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks.

The Hydrofly New England team will provide you with instructions and tips on getting the most out of your time in the air. Typically, riders are flying within five to 10 minutes.

Hydrofly New England will offer 30 minute lessons for $75. per person. To guarantee your spot, Purchase on line now. On-site reservations are based on availability. Purchase ticket here.

Flyboarding at Brownstone Park will be available 7 days a week through Sept. 9.


Is this safe?

It’s extremely safe. You’ll have a life jacket on, and the board is buoyant. This will ensure you are afloat AT ALL TIMES when not flying. You’ll also be provided helmet that is also used to communicate with the instructor via bluetooth.

How does this work?

You are in control of the board.  You’ll be able to maneuver the board and control all its movements. The way you move the board determines how and where you fly.  The instructor will be in control of the throttle.  The throttle controls how much water is sent through the board and controls the height of the board.  If we want to bring you down at any time, the instructor has the ability to stop your flight at any time.

What are the requirements to fly?

There are no age requirements to fly, but there is a minimum weight of 75 pounds and maximum of 300 pounds to ensure you can handle the board and optimum equipment performance.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Something comfortable to wear like a bathing suit. You’ll be prepared to fly if you’re already having fun in the park. All gear is provided.  And of course, have a someone there to take pictures!

I’ve never done this. How difficult is this?

It’s extremely easy and quick to learn.  People are always amazed at just how fast they can get out of the water.  Most people will be attempting tricks in their first session!

Can I be held underwater?

Absolutely NOT. If you choose to dolphin dive, you’ll be able to angle yourself back out of the water in under a second and return to flight. Should you dive longer than a second, the instructor will immediately kill the throttle.  This will result in you immediately resurfacing, at which point you’ll instantly float.

How high can I go?

Most riders typically feel comfortable at 10-15 feet.

Can I do tricks?

Yes, you can! Most people can attempt dolphin diving and spinning their first flight. If you want to attempt other tricks you’ll need additional lessons. If you have previous experience notify your instructor. They will quickly evaluate your abilities and allow you to do more difficult tricks.

Do I need to buy a Brownstone Park Pass?

Yes, you will need to purchase the adventure pass or wakeboard pass plus the lesson. We also require the entrance waiver which will be signed by a parent or guardian for anyone under the age of 18.

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