Durham Patch story – Powder Ridge resurrection update

Michael Hayes, the editor of the Durham Patch news website, provides an update on developments and construction at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort.

From the Durham Patch.

Nine months after buying Middlefield’s ski area, Powder Ridge Mountain Park owner Sean Hayes is looking ahead to opening in late fall. …

And despite unforeseen roadblocks from mother nature and the predictable land use delays that come with buying a 225-acre property, Hayes maintains that he’s on schedule to open Powder Ridge on Thanksgiving weekend, more than a year before a December 31, 2014 deadline imposed by the sales agreement approved at referendum last year.

“We did as much as we could really before the winter set in, then went on hold. We were hoping that we would hit the ground running in the spring but approvals are taking longer than we thought,” Hayes said last week during a walk of the property.

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