Brownstone Wakeboard Challenge

Brownstone Park has been challenged to the world’s largest cable contest! The battle of the cable parks stacks parks top riders against others around the world. Grab your video cam and start ripping Brownstone, we want to win this!

1) Pick your team – Each video must showcase a minimum of 3 riders.

2) Pick a team Captain – Your captain will need to create a MyWake Profile & submit your video.

3) Video footage must come from one location – Must be original and never published. Talk to Mike about setting up time on the cable.

4) Submit your video – between June 29 – July 8th to You’ve got 3 minutes.

5) Share, Share, Share – The exposure round, (July 9 – 12th) can get you bonus points and global fame.

6) May the best Park / Team win – Champion; $3,000. + Pro Day at your park with Team Tige’ + custom printed trophy, hats & shirts. Runner up; Custom printed trophy + hats & shirts.

Olivia Railjam2014 kicker grab






Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park