Brownstone School Rules Competition

You’ve seen the show Survivor. You’ve trained on the rock wall, ziplines, and rope swings at Brownstone. Now it’s time for your school to compete to be the best of the best … and RULE!

Students coming out on their class trips qualify to compete. We’re talking about “Survivor” type challenges where classmates run through obstacle courses and post their best scores. Can’t beat the other schools? Don’t worry – you won’t be voted off this island! An official Brownstone Schools Rule Trophy…Wall of Fame…and bragging rights will be awarded to the top school. Do you have what it takes to compete?

Check out our Group Rates page that has information you need to begin planning for your class trip!

2011 School Rules Competition Results

Newtown High School4:40
Shelton High School5:30
West Haven School5:40
Trumbull High School6:36
Connecticut River Academy6:45
Eagle Hill6:46
Naugatuck class of 20137:13
Old Saybrook 7th Grade7:00
Adams Middle School8:10
Chocksette Middle School8:21
Currier Memorial9:55

Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park