Bash It – Halloween Brownstone Style

Bash It the entire month! The Bash the Monster weekend was so popular last year, Brownstone is extending it for the whole month of October with fan favorites including Bash-the-Monster Pumpkin Launch, daytime and nighttime Zip Lining and Rock Climbing and much more.

Check out images from Bash the Monster 2010 and scroll down to watch a video!

Brownstone Halloween Extravaganza Each Weekend from noon to 9 pm
Visit the park every weekend throughout October. Launch pumpkins, zipline, rock climb or just stop in to have some fun. You have four wicked weekends to launch, toss, climb, fly and wreak havoc.

Bash-the-Monster Pumpkin Launch Aim at Quarry Creepers
Gory monsters float menacingly on the quarry while pumpkins catapult from Brownstone shores, attempting to bash them to bits. Participants launch pumpkins, aiming at the Halloween monsters floating on the docks, with prizes awarded to guests hitting their targeted beast. Pumpkins available at discount and sold separately, proceeds are donated to local food bank.

Daily entrance fee is $28 and includes all the fun a day at Brownstone Park can offer. Halloween fun runs from noon to 9 p.m.


Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park