• Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Wakeboard tricks

    Got some moves? We've got jumps and rails for you to try.

  • Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Go Long - A QUARTER MILE round trip!

    Our wakeboard system brings you out and back about 1,200 feet ... it’s longer than you think!

  • Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Rental gear available

    Your Wakeboard Adventure Pass includes use of a helmet and wakeboard ... or you can bring your own!

  • Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Fly over water

    Our two-way cable system rockets you up to 25 MPH - Plenty of speed for that awesome new trick! Yes, you can bring your own gear.

  • Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Just starting out?

    Brownstone Park includes free board rentals and getting started tips with our Wakeboard Adventure Sports Pass.

  • Wakeboarding at Brownstone Park

    Three wakeboard runs!

    We have one line dedicated for advanced riders on the east side of the quarry and two lines for new riders on the west side.

Activity video

Three wakeboard runs at Brownstone

We now have three System 2.0 wakeboard runs at the park. One is dedicated for more advanced riders and two are perfect for the beginner. The system is designed to help "pull you up" so beginners can frequently ride the first time. You'll end up going straight, but we'll help you work on turns later!

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