• Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Perfect for kids of all ages

    The park's water is very safe for swimming - and yes, lifejackets are required for everyone.

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Have you heard about the laucher

    Send your friend for an unexpected ride through the air by jumping on the blob!

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    The water temp is warm!

    Yup, we open for weekends starting Memorial Day and the water is warm in mid-May!

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Water toys to challenge you

    It's not easy climbing the Iceberg, but maybe you can do it?

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Try to stay on!

    See if you can be the last one riding the Rocket.

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Trampoline 101 - Jump high, get wet

    Hang out on the trampoline or jump in. Plenty of inflatable water toys to hang out on.

  • Swimming at Brownstone Park

    Dedicated kids space with inflatables

    Brownstone Park has a dedicated area for the younger kids and their own set of inflatables. They can go on the big toys too!

  • Jump in!

    The blob awaits!

  • Water Slide

    The Water Slide is one of the main features in the park!

Activity video

Are you ready for the best day ever?

Brownstone Park is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family. We have plenty of water toys and a slide that is open to everyone with an Adventure Sports Daily Pass. We also have rental inflatable toys too!

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Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park