• Scuba Diving at Brownstone Park

    Discover Scuba at Brownstone Park

    More than 70% of the PLANET is water. What are you waiting for? Reservations required for the Discover Scuba Program.

  • Scuba Diving at Brownstone Park

    Scuba special events

    Brownstone Park is a perfect facility for special events involving scuba diving and other underwater activites and training.

  • Scuba Diving at Brownstone Park

    Diving platforms

    Dive platforms both on the surface and underwater make training more easy for all.

  • Scuba Diving at Brownstone Park

    Continue your dive education

    Brownstone Park is a very convienent training location used by instructors and dive centers in southern New England.

Activity video

Scuba Diving at Brownstone

Brownstone Park is a popular destination for local dive centers to bring students to train and complete their open water certification dives. Underwater platforms at different depths are available.

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Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park