• Great views

    On the adjacent town park trails, you’ll find pleasant views of the Connecticut River as well as the quarry at Brownstone Park.

  • Bring your friends and explore

    The adjacent town park trails are open to the public. Bring your friends and explore, then take it up a notch and try a zip line! (Sorry, we do not rent bikes.)

  • More advanced trails

    Some of the park’s trails are a bit rough, but some are wide open. Good riding for novice and more advanced riders. (Sorry, we do not rent bikes.)

  • Riverfront Park hiking trails

    Just north of Brownstone Park is Riverfront Park. Hiking and mountain bike trails are available. No admission fee!

  • Pavilion at Riverfront Park in Portland

    There is a pavilion and picnic tables with a view of the Connecticut River available to all. No admission fee.

Activity video

Riverfront Park in Portland is open to all!

Just north of our quarry adventure-land is Portland's Riverfront Park. Recent renovations have made the park more accessible to those who want to visit the park along the Connecticut River. There is no admission to Riverfront Park. Brownstone Park does not rent bikes or other gear for use at Riverfront Park.

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Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park