• Annual Guts & Glory Challenge

    Our annual challenge happens in September, giving you plenty of time to train. It benefits Special Olympics ... and we add a 3k run at the end!

  • Going up?

    Oh, did we mention the 70-foot cargo net climb? Sorry, forgot to let you know about that...

  • Ziplines in a challenge course?

    Heck ya! Race side-by-side throughout the course and take a breather while you can.

  • Brownstone's Amazing Adventure

    The amazing adventure has water based challenges with various levels of physical and mental challenges requiring each individual to learn to have faith in themselves and their team.

  • HARD challenges are the norm

    Yup, you'll have to use your muscles but there may be a challenge or two where you'll need your brain during Brownstone's Amazing Adventure.

Activity video

A video related to this activity is upcoming. Watch out for it soon.

Brownstone's Amazing Adventure challenge course

We're getting known for our Annual Guts & Glory Quarry Challenge in support of Connecticut Special Olympics each September, but we also have our Amazing Adventure challenge. Teams choose which challenges to take on and which members will do each of the obstacles earning points for each completed challenge. The challenge course takes approximately two hours, and is not included in regular park admission. Learn more.

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Cliff Jumping at Brownstone Park