Private Parties

Picnic Areas & Dock RentalsHalf DayFull Day
Floating Gazebo (up to 12 people)n/a$175
Large Floating Gazebo (up to 20 people)n/a$225
Pergola Tower Area (up to 50 people)$195$250
Tent Area (up to 75 people)$250$375
Large Private Dock (up to 50 people)$250$375
Beach Area ( up to 250)$375$575
Why not arrange for your party or event at Brownstone Park in Connecticut? Whether your looking for a High School day-trip, Senior class graduation party, or a totally different bachelor or bachelorette party, we can put great packages together for you.

There’s something for everyone!

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Group PackagesPrice
Birthday Bash
Includes 8 Adventure Sports Passes, Full day gazebo rental, (1) 2 person Kayak and personalized ice cream cake. Additional passes available for $30.60 per person.
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Includes 12 Wakeboard Adventure Sports Passes, full day gazebo rental and personalized ice cream cake. $39.60 per person for additional passes.